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Silver Lake Sand Dunes with Dune TV

Anything that goes fast and has a loud motor gets my adrenaline flowing. I had no idea how wild the long travel sand rails are that play at the dunes. Some of them have blown LS engines with 800 plus horsepower. We got the chance to head up to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan for the Long Travle Round up hosted by DuneTV to check some of them out. We made the long 14 hour drive North up to Michigan. The road trip was painfully long but I forgot all about it as soon as I took a ride in my first long travel sand rail. We took off hauling through the dunes at silver lake with the suspension soaking up every bump. We took off over the top of test hill and soared 20 feet in the air only to land nice and plush followed by a nice stab of the gas and into a wheelie. This things are insane and I was hooked! Now if I could just find a spare 40 grand laying around so I could buy one of my own…. There were over 70 of these things on the dunes. That is a multi million dollar car show going on! The dunes bring out some very unique vehicles. We saw the worlds tallest monster truck (the body was attached to a scissor lift). We also saw the “clampet mobile” which was an old ford ranger with the body all gone, cage welded on top, and 3 seats for the bravest of dune goers. We watched these guys sail their budget dune raider off of the dunes time and time again all the while smiling. We also saw the nasty Bad Company Drag Jeep with some serious paddle tires. His blown dart small block 427 allowed him to wheelie at will and he put on a show mutliple times before he left. The Dune Tv guys got the sand rail guys airing it out on a natural jump. The huckfest lastest for hours and included everythinf from Sand Rails to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. They were going huge! It was nothing for one to sail 30′ over our heads land and wheelie down the lake bed. The best part of the whole trip was the rental RZR XP equipped with paddle tires that I got to drive around for the weekend. I had a hard time taking any pictures or video because I just wanted to haul butt around the dunes and sling some sand. All in All it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back. Next time I think I will fly though….. Check out the Videos at


West Georgia Mud Park | Mega Trucks Go Big

Nothing gets your adrenaline going like watching some Mud Trucks fly through the air. We made the trip over to West Georgia Mud Park just across the state line on I-20 for some fun in the mud. The park is huge and has plenty of room for everyone to play. They even have a slip n slide if you get too hot out in the mud.

We made the trip to check out the new Hammerhead 2.0 truck built by All Out Performance. They basically cut a ton of weight off of the old truck and reused most of the parts. The result is one bad mega truck that is light weight and flys like a champ. He hit the hill and hole course wide open and ended up off in the pond. All that power has got to be hard to control. The Big Buck$ truck put on a clinic as he blasted through the course with the fastest time of the day. Also on hand were the Mud Pro and Dirt Pro Mega Trucks as well as Bone Collector and Air Mundy.

Air Mundy gets his name by the rediculous air time he gets in his classis chevy mud truck. His shocks aka “landing gear” take a ton of abuse. He hit the WGMP Pond jump wide open more than a few times to wow the crowd. The shock load of the sudden stop when he hit the water would stop the motor but he was crank it right back up and motor out of the pond for another go.

After the sun went down the mega trucks lined up side by side for an all out mud drag race complete with a drag strip style tree and everything. Hammerhead 2.0 proved to be the fastest of the bunch as he knocked off Mud Pro and Big Buck$ but had to forfit his last race due to clogging the intake with mud. We finally got the hear the Bone Collector truck open up its nasty motor as he raced down the track and Dirt Pro hit it wide open as well.

All in All it was a great event with a ton of great trucks and drivers. We can’t wait to make the trip back in September for the big 3 Day event! Some of the trucks will be at Mudders Park near Phenix City, Alabama and we plan on being there to catch the action.

Check out all of the Videos at

Racing On Turtle Dirt

This past weekend we made the trip up to Northern Kentucky for the Racing on Turtle Dirt Event which was held at the Gallatin Co Fairgrounds. The action that took place Saturday was something for the record books. Justin Frasure and team laid out a mean course which claimed a rig or two and created roll overs for both the seasoned and non seasoned drivers. The crowd was absolutely thrilled with the action. There were vehicles of all makes reprsenting. There were Rail buggies, UTVs, Stock Class, Modified, and Unlimited classes battling it out for the win. There were two courses, a speed track and an obstacle course. The SXS and Rail class only did the speed course.

The Rail Buggies started off the show with their volkswagon motors screaming down the course. The wheelied up the rolling stair steps at the midway point of the course and sailed over the downed tree just before climbing up the final hill and crossing the finish line. One driver got a little too happy with the throttle and launched over the tree onto the nose of his rail ripping out his throttle cable. Other than that everyone made some fast runs on the speed course.

The UTV class featured some nice rides including three Artic Cat Wildcats. Though the winner of the class was Josh Chapman of Havoc Racing in his one month old RZR XP 900. This kid can flat out drive! He was consistently beating his own lap times. A Wildcat got squirly coming through the finish line and ended up on its lid and a RZR S flopped over on its die. Other than that everyone made clean runs.

The stock class was amazing. There is just something electrifying about watching a stock vehicle get the crap beat out of it by a relentless driver. Stephen Stosberg actually took 1st and 2nd place! He brought 2 vehicles to race and drove the wheels off of both of them only to beat himself.

The modified class was just as intense. The Madman “Chico” Terry was running on Pure adrenaline as he dominated the modified class in his turbo charged toyota truck. He had to get up to 60mph on the speed course. The little toyota motor was screaming! He showed everyone there that Northern Kentucky is TOYOTA Country as he took home the win beating every Jeep, Isuzu, and any other vehicle that raced around the course.

The Unlimited Class was made up of 15 full on tube buggies and Ultra 4 race rigs. First Run a new Jimmy Smith Built rig with 383 stroker ENDOED on the first 6 foot drop to start the night off right as everyone got a peak at the underside of his rig. The DTOR buggy had a good rollover on the stairs. Then Scooby put on a clinic as he made save after save on the stairs of the speed course only to rollover and lose a tire. He swapped it out and came back with a vengeance. He screamed through the course and launched over the finish line with such speed that he went into some crazy monster truck acrobatic move that sent him into a nose dive then back flip barrel roll. It was incredible! Rosco of Rosco Racin out of Fort Wayne IN took FIRST PLACE and $1500.00 bucks back to the hoosier state. Second place of $700.00 went to John Sweet. Third Place went to Sean Rose.

Overall it was a great night at a new location. Dirty Turtle knows how to put on a great event and we can’t wait to go back and check out the park. We made some great friends and saw some incredible displays of well built vehicles getting pushed to their limits. We say fairwell to Kentucky as we head home. See you at the next one! Big thanks to the guys over at Mason Jar Media for the photos. BE SURE TO HEAD OVER TO for the videos!

Southern Rock Racing Series Race 2 Hawk Pride

The Southern Rock Racing Series has been gaining steam since its first race back in the spring. Where else can you see over 20 of the best drivers in the sport all at one location? A record crowd came out to watch these throttle jockeys put on a show for Race 2 at Hawk Pride Offroad in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Competitors came from as far away as Michigan to particpate in this one day battle royal of the baddest of the bad.

After a brief drivers meeting we all convoyed over to the first hill of the day. The hill was the old bounty hill from the 2wd vs. 4wd competition held last month. This hill was a great starter and let the drivers get warmed up. Jordan Tanner started the show by launching in the air off of the first terrace. The John Deere Buggy lost a driveshaft on his 3rd place run on hill 1 that also took out the transfer case finishing his racing for the day. Peter Basler had his suspension fine tuned and smoked the first course with the fastest time followed closely by Travis Lovett in the Hitman Buggy.

The second course of the day was a brand new freshly cut hill just over from the bounty hill. This was a long hill with multiple ledges to keep the drivers on their toes. Bobby Tanner screamed up the course like a man on a mission with the fastest time of the day. Once again Travis Lovetts lightweight hitman buggy made it look easy with a 2nd place finish. LC made a fast time as well in the Busted Knuckle Buggy for a 3rd place finish on hill 2.

To the surprise of the crowd and the drivers the guys over SRRS decided that the Hawk Pride Motocross track would be the last and final course. The drivers had a chance to prerun the track during lunch to get mentally prepared. Afterall they were hitting a track designed for 300lb dirtbikes not 4000lb buggies! The good thing is the broken rigs could run the course in 2wd. Bobby Tanner showed that all things are possible with enough skinny pedal as he lauched over the first table top landing cleanly on the downslope and gasing away. Some drivers even made the doubles on the back side of the track. Adam Adair a former motocross rider was looking at home on the track until he ran off course and ended up on his lid. The boys from Michigan were going big in their mammoth rigs as well with no fear! I’ve never in my life seen people get air like these guys. Jordan had the fastest lap in his screamin 2 buggy and did a few celebration cyclones for the crowd. Scott Roberts and Cory Miller finished off the top 3.

After all was said and done Travis Lovett and the Sosebees Off Road and Performance built Hitman Buggy is your Southern Rock Racing Series Race 2 Champion. His two 2nd place finishes on the first two courses brought him out on top. The next race will be August 4th at Wheeling in the Country located in Summertown, Tennessee. The competition is getting fierce as we get closer to the 10,000 Championship Race at Superlift!

Head over to to see the videos!

Here are the standings after Race 2.



RockRod Drag Racing – Hawk Pride

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two Southern Rock Rods lined up side by side and hammered down in an all out drag race? I know we have! Well it finally happened this past Sunday at Hawk Pride Off Road Park in Tuscumbia, AL. The competitors were Adam Lee, Terry Lee, Jonathan Andrews, the new owner of Ethan Tanner’s Ol Orange Buggy, Brent Newbourn, and jeep buggy and a Ultra 4 style buggy. The buggies went through two rounds of racing. Whoever made it to the 200ft mark first was the winner of that round. Adam Lee picked off his competitors one by one. He had to face his Dad in the finals and beat him by a full car length to become champion. I guess the 383, TH400, and Atlas transfer case in his buggy helped him gain the speed he needed to make it out on top. We hope to see more of this type of door to door racing action in the future! Be sure to check out the Videos at!

Busted Knuckle Buggy Build – Part 1

After building and wheeling a Solid Axle Tacoma and a Fully Built Jeep YJ on 44 inch tires, tons, and a V8 I knew it was time for a buggy. I have had the chance to drive the Sosebee’s Offroad and Performance built Hitman Buggy a few times and love how powerful and lightweight it is. So I decided to model my build after it. First thing is first for any build up and that is gathering parts.

First we sourced a LQ4 6.0 motor for it. These motors are very easy to find as they were available in a ton of GM cars, vans, and trucks. I picked up this engine for $1500 with wiring harness and computer. We plan on throwing some 5.3 heads, cam, and a good tune on it to get a few more ponies out of it. We are hoping for around 500hp.

Now that the motor was taken care of it was time to find a tough transfer case that could handle 500 horsepower. I first wanted to run a Dana 300 because they were cheap and readily available. Then I found a 3.0 ATLAS II for a $1300 and jumped on it. This is the same transfer case found in many of the baddest Rock Bouncing buggies in the South. Not only are they tough but they are also lightweight. Keeping weight down every chance we get will only make this buggy perform better.

For axles we decided that 14 bolt steering axles would offer the reliability we were looking for. This involves taking a 14 bolt rear axle, retubing it with DOM tubing and adding Dana 60 outers to them. We went with 4.10 ratio gears in the axles to keep everything strong. To make sure they will hold up to the abuse we will be installing a pile of Yukon Gear and Axle Parts into them including their shafts, joints, and flanges. Stay tuned for part 2 of our buggy build as we continue to gather parts and build our bullet proof 14bolt steering axles.

Show & Tell Coleworx Style!

They say that alot of southern buggies look like a jungle gyms on wheels. So I guess it was fitting to take some of these tube creations to the local elementary school to let the kids climb around on them and learn about our sport. The crew at Coleworx Rock Racing Factory took the day off last week for a little show and tell coleworx style. They made the trip to Hampshire unit school and McDowell Elementary for career day. They took along with them Screamin 2, Riddler, and the John Deere Buggy. The kids really enjoyed it. One kid said to another “where do I get one of these?” another one quickly replied “coleworx, duh!”. They climbed all over these 7oo horsepower jungle gyms. One kid even hit the start button in screamin 2! I bet one of these kids will become a fabricator because of this. I want to give a big shout out to Bryan Cole and the entire Coleworx Crew who put this together for the kids. Those are some lucky kids. Hopefully this will encourage them to chase their dreams.

Mega Truck Bad Boys invade Dallas, GA

When we heard the Mega Truck Bad Boys and Dennis Anderson were coming to Dallas, Ga we knew we had to be there. We rolled up Saturday morning around 7am to beat the crowd that ascends on this muddy place. We got a good parking place and headed over to pit row to get some shots of these wild Mega Machines. Some of these guys were running almost 2000 horsepower thanks to Alcohol and Nitrous injected Big Blocks. Dennis Anderson the famous driver of the Grave Digger monster truck had his pit crew hard at work prepping his King Sling Mega truck for battle.

After a few hours of wandering around the pits and picking out some great spots to capture the action Dennis Anderson made his way to the track behind the wheel of King Sling. The hill and hole course was made up of a few dirt jumps and mud holes to put on a show for the thousands of people looking on. Dennis mashed the throttle and the bright green mega truck leaped off the line and flew through the air off the first jump and through the mud for a lightening quick time. The mega truck bad boys came to put on a show as Opielicious, No Sweat Samurai, and the two mega Jeeps went huge on the jumps. The Steamboat Mega truck came around on his first lap and ended up rolling sideways multiple time right in front of us. The driver was ok but the body of this well known truck was demolished. The Mud Pro mega truck flopped at the exact same spot on his run and once again was demolished. This is just a common reality that these guys have to face when they race. I am sure they will rebuild these too nasty trucks to be even faster and jump higher. Adam Anderson made a spectcular run in his Son of a Digger Mud Truck. He was getting huge air and the truck was running leaf springs! Dennis Anderson had the crowd on their feet as he lawn darted King Sling through the final mud hole on his second run. The impact sent body panels flying everywhere as it landed back on all fours. The few panels left on the truck flew off after Dennis jumped the truck one last time before leaving the course. Many of the Mud trucks hit the race course and got good air off the jumps. Some even did wheelies! What a great show.

Once the Racing was over there was an all out free for all in the mud pit as vehicles of all types swarmed the course. There was everything from racers to a minivan running around the course. All in All it was a great day in the mud. Look for us to make it to more and more mega truck events in the near future. Check out the videos at the Mega Truck Racing website.

Top Secret Wheeling Spots

Some of the best places to go wheeling are often kept a secret. We got the chance to head down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to do a little night wheeling at one such spot. This place is a well kept secret among the locals. I can’t blame them for keeping the place to themselves. It was an awesome riding spot.

We arrived around 10pm and unloaded the buggy at a friends house. Then we drove the sticky tire clad beast down the road to a dirt trail that dropped off onto the property. The property is old mining land that has been reclaimed. There was a nice shallow creek that wound its way through the property with plenty of trails branching off of it. This place had it all. Hill climbs, rock crawling areas, and fast dirt roads. The coolest part was that the mining had left behind huge tunnels through the hills. These tunnels were 15 foot tall and just as wide. Some of them were at least 300 feet long. You even had to rock crawl through one of these tunnels where rocks had fallen from the ceiling. We made our way through 2 of the tunnels on our trip. Did a couple of pretty nasty hill climbs and even opened up the 383 on some windy dirt roads before loading it back up on the trailer and heading home.

This secret location is one of the best places I have been for some recreational wheeling. I can’t wait to get out there this summer and do some riding again. There is nothing like a hot day of wheeling ended by a nice swim in a creek. Check back as we check out more Top Secret Wheeling Spots.

UTV Rally Raid Race 3 | Stoney Lonesome OHV

If you thought rain was hard to drive in just wait til you see what UTVRR Race 3 had in store for the dozens of UTV racers that came to compete. We made the trip down to Stoney Lonesome OHV in Cullman, Alabama for Race 3 of the UTV Rally Raid Racing Series. It hadn’t rained in a week or so and the conditions were crazy dusty. The racers lined up at the starting line late afternoon and left 2 at a time in huge clouds of dust. One racer said he was navigating his way through part of the course by looking at the shadow of the ditch on the side of the road. The dusty conditions left many drivers no choice but to slow down to a crawl in some of the worst sections of the course. For those that refused to slow down there were quite a few rollovers on the course. It got even worse once it got dark. As the high powered lights many of the drivers rely on were blinding them as they reflected off the fog like dust. After 4 hours of pushing his car to the limits, Brit Mansell of Octane Race Team finished in First Place in the Outlaw Class driving his fully built RZR XP 900. He also had the fastest lap of the day. He claimed he got out ahead of the pack at the beginning of the race and didn’t have to deal with the dust for an entire lap. Another UTV Rally Raid Race was in the books. I think I would rather it be muddy conditions as I am still coughing up dust. Though the racers seem to like the dusty conditions better as it doesnt weigh down their rigs with mud. Stay tuned for more UTV Rally Raid racing action!

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