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Show & Tell Coleworx Style!

They say that alot of southern buggies look like a jungle gyms on wheels. So I guess it was fitting to take some of these tube creations to the local elementary school to let the kids climb around on them and learn about our sport. The crew at Coleworx Rock Racing Factory took the day off last week for a little show and tell coleworx style. They made the trip to Hampshire unit school and McDowell Elementary for career day. They took along with them Screamin 2, Riddler, and the John Deere Buggy. The kids really enjoyed it. One kid said to another “where do I get one of these?” another one quickly replied “coleworx, duh!”. They climbed all over these 7oo horsepower jungle gyms. One kid even hit the start button in screamin 2! I bet one of these kids will become a fabricator because of this. I want to give a big shout out to Bryan Cole and the entire Coleworx Crew who put this together for the kids. Those are some lucky kids. Hopefully this will encourage them to chase their dreams.

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