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RBD 2010 – Mountain Mayhem Competition

What happens when you take one of the most well known exclusive Off-Road Parties and make it open to the public? EPIC is what happens. RBD a.k.a Ricky B. Day in honor of the young photographers birthday has been a well known invite only event for years. The past videos and photos from this once …

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Barbie Jeep Racing in Auburn Alabama

The largest barbie jeep race in history went down this past weekend in Auburn, Alabama during the 1st annual ECORS race at the Great American Park. People came from all over with their plastic chariots. If you are not familiar with barbie jeep racing, it is a fast growing sport that is taking over the …

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Barbie Jeep Racing – RBD 2010

Barbie Jeep Racing is one of the most dangerous off-road sports per dollar you can possibly get into. It is also the most FUN. How else can you get this much fun out of 15lbs of plastic! The concept is simple. Take a power-wheels vehicle, break off the drive gear, go to a steep hill, …

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