• DeAnna Mobley

    What event do you have going on this weekend ….. Memorila Day …… if any???

  • Beverly

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to have all the videos of my son, Jason Spegal AKA “SHOWSTOPPER” put on a dvd and have mailed to me? I have not been able to see this in person and
    I had a bad heart attack and am considered disabled now.I would really like to watch these videos with the family. Thank you

  • Kyle Bohnert

    Was watching some of your vids on you tube and have never seen stuff like you all are doin with your buggies !!
    Also on one of your vids in the comment section I seen where you commented that you do these events in Missouri. I myself live in southeast Missouri and would love to come check it out being a redneck myself !! Where abouts are you when you come to Missouri ???

  • Tasha Mitchell

    When will the next event be? Never been to one but really am looking foward to i have alot of other people who would love to go most of my family and i have a pretty big family. Lol were just a bunch of rednecks from ga who love to have fun.

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